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Competitions and contests

Do you want to visit the real competition of fishermen? All you need to do is to buy the game, sign the application to participate in online competition of fishermen and catch a lot of fish. From time to time we run contests with real prizes. The size of the prize depends on your score, so try to catch a lot of fish.

TIP: in order to become the best fisherman you need to study the behavior of fish in different locations. The game includes more than 60 locations where you can catch a variety of fish species. In some areas you can find a special prize fish that will bring you a huge amount of points.

Best scores


Total score: 9021

Player rewarded 3 times

Mary Hart

Total score: 6381

Player rewarded 3 times

Сhristopher Manoterox

Total score: 4602

Player rewarded 2 times

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