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Main menu of the game consists of the following elements:

OnLine Game

With this menu you can participate in OnLine competitions

Local Game

In this regime you can just enjoy the game without competing with anybody and just look at the nature, listen to music and fish. If you Fishing Simulator for Relax before, having chosen this menu you can continue the game

New Game

You can reset all your settings, local statistics and start playing again.


Shows the information about the authors of Fishing Simulator for Relax


If you are puzzled and want to find out the details of the game, using this menu you can read the information about the game.


As soon as you wish to finish the game you should use this option. While exiting the game your statistics will be stored and you can continue the game with the help of the «Local Game» menu.


Local Game

As soon as you get to the reservoir you can start fishing. To do this you have to throw the tackle to the place you like. It is rather easy to choose the place. Press the left mouse button near the rod to different directions. As soon as you choose the direction you should press the button “Throwing”. This button is marked on the picture at the left.


As soon as there is biting you will see the sign «Hit!» which means to be careful and take the fish accurately.  
It will toss from side to side and try to escape, for example, to the canes.

To shorten the fishing-line you should press the right button of the mouse, to turn it down you should press the left one.

Be careful with the line tension. If the tension is weak the fish will escape. If it is too strong the fish may tear your line.


Line tension may be controlled with the field  bar LTG Bar which is located in the bottom of the game field. Depending on the tension the bar will be differently coloured.

LTG Bar may have 3 conditions: normal tension, weak tension, strong tension.

Normal tension.

By the condition of normal tension you don’t have to worry. Your line won’t tear and the fish will be definitely caught.

Weak tension.

By the condition of the weak tension fish can jump off the hook. Try not to have weak tension. To increase the line tension wind it a bit with the help of the right button of the mouse.


Strong tension.

It is breaking tension! Never make lasting line tension. If it tears you lose not only the fish but the line with its all alteration.

What shall I do if the line tears?

If your line tears you should enter the «Shop» and buy it. To do this you have to press «+» next to the line image.

As soon as the fish is caught you will see the message with the information about the fish caught.

In this icon you can see such information as fish weight, length and the number of points you get for it. Very small fish specimen should be released otherwise you will be fined. To release the fish press the button «Free».

Each fish has its rating. The rating is displayed with small stars. The more the rating of the specimen is the more points you get for the fish.

Change Location

You can choose any location. Each location is unique nature. Besides, in different reservoirs different fish species live. To choose the location press the button «Select locations menu» which is placed on the bar in the right lower corner.

As a result you will the following interactive icon on the screen:


You can browse the locations with the cursor “right” and “left” and as soon as you choose the one you like press «ОК».



You will get a small number of points for each fish you catch. For definite number of points you may get one of the tackles: a rod, line or bait.

To improve your tackle press the button «Shop menu» which is placed on the bar in the right lower corner.  


As a result you will see an interactive icon «Shop» on the screen. Here you can see the number of points you have. There are three lines of rods, line and bait. If you have enough points to alter any of the elements it turns green, otherwise the name of the element is blue.


To alter any element press the corresponding button «+». If you have enough points for altering you will get another level of the chosen element.

At first try to alter your line and rod as much as possible. After this alter your bait. The better bait you have the bigger fish you can catch.

OnLine Game

To play OnLine there is not much you need! Mainly you need to choose the option «OnLine Game» in the main menu. As a result the following icons will be displayed:


If you never played OnLine before, to start the game you have to fill in your email, your Nickname and password. Then there will be crated a recorв on the server with the data indicated.
If you have already played Fishing Simulator for Relax and the server has created your record indicate during the game those data which you filled in when you entered for the first time, then your already existing OnLine profile will be loaded.
Be careful as there is an additional bar in the OnLine game.


On this bar you can look through the statistics of the current fishing: the number of points, the number of fish caught, fish weight, the number of prize fish.


As soon as you catch some fish you can send your statistics to the gaming Internet server. To do this you have to press the button «Send your statistic to server».

Your catch will be registered on the server.


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