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Refund policy

If your game doesn't start or you have complaints regarding the performance of the game - please contact us at We will try to solve all your problems.

Before contacting us, please update the drivers of your video card, because the latest version of the drivers is necessary for the functionality of the game. Also make sure that you have installed DirectX 9 or newer version.

If you cannot find a suitable solution to your problem or you insist on a refund - please send us an email at We are always trying to assist all our customers.

After the approval of your refund request, we will cancel the serial number of your product and you must remove the product from your computer - never use the same serial number again.

Contact us

Email: Website: ИНН: 3123191262

"Media Agent" Co. Ltd.
5 Avgusta str., 1k,
Russian Federation
+7 (905) 879-98-79



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